Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs
  • Who reads and resolve my reports?
  • The official registered Councils in the area that you submit will read the reports. They will solve the issues if it is under their jurisdiction.
Using CitiAct
  • How do I submit a report?
  • Please use CitiAct Mobile Application to submit the report. You need to ensure that GPS is switch on and you have Internet connectivity. Submitting report can be done with 3 simple steps; once the application locks the address (which you can see below the picture screen), snap a photo of the issue, select the category and write a short description (recommended) then click send. You can download the citiAct app for Android and iOS from respective store.
  • What can I report?
  • You can report the following issues: Crime, Drainage Issue, Fallen Tree, Faulty Traffic Light, Flash Flood, Homeless Person, Illegal Parking, Landslide, Mosquito Larva, Potholes, Stray Animals, Unattended Garbage, Vandalism and Water Leakage. Please ensure that the correct category is selected for each report. Use the following guide on what to report. It is recommended if you can provide some description of the issue as it would give better clarification regarding the issue to the Council.
    • Crime
      • This report is meant for profiling areas meant to help people avoiding potential crime areas.
      • It will also help police to increase their resources or patrol
    • Drainage Issue
      • Clogged drain
      • Uncovered drain
      • Broken drain cover and side of the drain that can cause harm to public
    • Fallen Tree
      • Branch or tree that has fallen on the road/pavement/path which obstruct the movement of vehicle or people
      • Branch or tree that is about to fall which will cause harm
      • Big tree branch or tree that has fallen on the road/pavement/path but not cleared
    • Faulty Traffic Light
      • Traffic light that is not functioning properly
    • Flash Flood
      • This report will help citizens to avoid areas of flash flood
    • Homeless Person
      • Any person who is begging or you feel is homeless
    • Illegal Parking
      • Double parking
      • Parking at yellow line
      • Parking at the roadside
      • Parking on pavement
    • Landslide
      • This report will help citizens to avoid areas of landslide
    • Mosquito Larva
      • Stagnant water that can be the breeding ground for mosquitos
    • Potholes
      • Potholes on the main roads
      • Potholes on roads at housing areas
    • Stray Animal
      • Dogs, Cats or even cattle that moves around on roads that can cause harm
    • Unattended garbage
      • Garbage that is not collected for a long time
      • Garbage overflow
      • Garbage not collected properly
    • Water Leakage
      • Main pipes
      • Pipes at housing area
    • Vandalism
      • Walls that have graffiti
      • Posters / advertisements that are illegally pasted on walls, pillars and buildings
  • Are the reports available for public to view?
  • Yes. All the reports are available for public to view at
  • What happened to my reports?
  • Your reports will be stored in our system. Respective Council can view your report for further action. The Council will respond to your report by acknowledging it or making it false if they feel that insufficient information provided or wrong information submitted.
  • Sometimes I can’t send the report. Why is it so?
  • This may be due to poor network connectivity at the area you are submitting the report.
  • I want to report an issue but there is no category for it. What should I do?
  • We will update the category if there is request from Councils or other custodian of the issues. Please email your suggestion to
  • Is it possible for me to update/edit my report?
  • No. Once you submit the report, it would be routed to the respective Council or other custodian of the issue.
  • I’ve seen an inappropriate reports in the portal.
  • Please email us the report ID for us to take appropriate action.
  • My reported issues remained unsolved. What should I do?
  • Your report may be in the process being solved. Please report again by providing the details.
  • How do I know the status of my reports?
  • You can view the status of your report from CitiAct Mobile Application. It is under “MY REPORTS” for Android and “History” for iOS.
  • How do I register as a user?
  • Download the application and follow the registration process. You can create a user ID by using your valid email address.
  • I forgot my password / I want to change my password
  • Please select “FORGOT PASSWORD” in the CitiAct Mobile Application and follow the process.
  • Can I change my email address?
  • Please email to us your request to change email address to

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